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The Terms and Conditions of Use of the Saudi Home Finance Company Electronic Website:


Includes terms and conditions to be followed when using the Website (Referred to as Terms and Conditions) ("Our website").


Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing the website as these terms will apply to your usage of the website and we advise you to print a copy of them to use as a reference in the future, and by using our website you confirm your agreement to these terms and conditions and acknowledgement on your part that you abide by them, and in case of your disagreement with these terms and conditions you must not use the website.

Other terms applicable to the use of the website:


Your agreement to these Terms and Conditions when you use the website also implies your agreement to:

• The privacy policy of the website and that the information you provide to the website is correct and accurate and you are obliged accordingly.

• Instructions for using the website as specified by Saudi Home Loans, and once you access the site, this will be considered an acknowledgement that those instructions are acceptable and that you are obliged to abide by them and not violate them except only after obtaining written consent from the company or when advertising them on the website.

• Our policy of maintaining electronic files and information you provide us, or which we obtain from other sources and our acknowledgement of the company’s right to dispose of that information and files.


About the Website:

The owner of the scope: / belongs to Saudi Home Loans, a website managed by Saudi Home Loans, which is a public shareholding real estate financing company registered in accordance with the regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a Saudi public shareholding company established under the resolution of the Minister of Commerce No. (319/S) dated 01/12/1428 H (corresponding to 11/12/2007 G), and registered in the Commercial Register No. (1010241934) dated 22/12/1428H (corresponding to 01/01/2008G) in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the company is licensed by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) to practice real estate financing activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia No. ( 14/GS/201403) dated 27/04/1435H (corresponding to 27/02/2014G), Ministry of Investment License No. (01-102030072425) and dated 23/07/1430H (corresponding to 16/07/2009G), with its registered address being P.O. Box 27072, King Abdelaziz Road, Ministries District, Riyadh 11417, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Change and amendment in Terms and Conditions:

The Company has the right at its sole discretion to review, change or amend these terms and conditions at any time and announce them on its website, as such, please review the website from time to time for any changes that the Company may make, which will be binding on you.


We further confirm that if you do not accept amendments or changes that the Company may apply on the terms and conditions as it deems appropriate, you must not use the Company's Website immediately.


Change of the Content of Website

We may update our website from time to time and may change the content at any time, however we do not guarantee that our website or any of its content is updated or free from errors or omissions. We also reserve the right to suspend, withdraw or restrict the availability of all website content, links or services provided on our website or any part thereof for commercial and operational reasons.


Access to the Site:

Access to Saudi Home Loans’ Website  is available free of charge and the Company will make every effort to make the website available to you. however, the Company does not guarantee that its website and its contents will be available to you around the clock without interruption, The Company may stop, withdraw, suspend or change its position in whole or in part at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons, and this shall not entail any liability on the part of the Company, its affiliates and employees.

You are responsible for making all necessary arrangements for you to access our website:

You are also responsible for persons who access our website through your accounts or Internet communication devices and you are also liable for their commitment to these Terms and Conditions.


Right of Intellectual Property

Saudi Home Loans is the owner and licensee of the intellectual property of the Website with the materials published therein, noting that these rights are protected by the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and international treaties and all these rights are reserved, and you have to agree to be bound by any further notices or restrictions, you can print one copy and download excerpts from any page(s) of our site for your personal use and you can draw the attention of others in your organization to the content contained in our Website.


Any hard copies or digital copies that you have printed or downloaded in any way shall not be amended, and no photographs, pictures, video, audio extracts or any graphics shall be used separately from the accompanying texts or any quotation in any form whatsoever. Our subscribers must always be recognized as authors of the content contained in our website and you must preserve them inclusive of copyright, and any other notices in that content. You must not use any part of the content for commercial purposes without obtaining approval from Saudi Home Loans or its licensors.


You will be deprived of the right to use the website in case you print, copy or download any part of our website in a way that violates of these Terms and Conditions pertinent to usage.


Non-reliance on information:

The content of the "Saudi Home Loans" website contains general information and is not intended to provide advice on which you rely. In case you need to obtain advisory information, you may obtain it from specialized professional bodies as the Saudi Home Loans Website does not include any representations or guarantee either explicitly or implicitly from the Saudi Home Loan Company.

When you apply for any product or service or enter into any agreement with Saudi Home Loans, you should acknowledge and agree on: (1) to do so based on your acknowledgement, interpretations, searching, information and decisions (2) that you have not and will not rely on any information on the website without independently verifying and ensuring that information and your conviction in a manner that independently satisfies you with the adequacy, accuracy and validation of the information (3) that you take all necessary precautions and procedures with regard to all information relevant to risks, emergencies and other circumstances that have an impact on the proposed agreement.


Limits of our Liability:

To the extent permitted by any law, regulations or bylaws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, "Saudi Home Loan and its affiliates, employees and shareholders shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data, business or profits) arising out of or in connection with:

• Usage of or inability to use our website

• Usage or relying on any content displayed on our website.

You agree not to use the Saudi Home Loans’ website for commercial purposes, as such, the Saudi Home shall not be liable to you for any loss of profit or loss of business.

We shall not be liable for the content of websites linked to our website and such links should not be construed as being endorsed by us for those websites, nor shall we be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from your using of them. You need to contact the website Operator or website Administrator for those websites if you have any concern you would like to clarify or other interests in relation to those electronic websites linked to our website or the contents of those websites.



The website must not be abused by introducing viruses, intentionally promoting or using other hostile or technically harmful substances and Saudi Home Loans shall not be held accountable and does not guarantee that its website is safe, or free of errors and viruses.

It is your obligation to adjust your IT settings, computer programs or any authorized way to login to the website. You should use your antivirus software and not attempt to obtain an unauthorized access to our website or access the server where our website is stored, or any server, computer or database connected to our website and should not attack our website by multiple attack viruses to disable the service.

In the event of violating this condition, you are thus committing an offence under the anti-cybercrime law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pursuant to Royal Decree No. M/17 of 8/3/1428(H) and the subsequent amendments thereto. We will compile a complaint on any breach of the regulations and cooperate with the competent authorities by providing them with all your data and, in the event of such a breach, the right granted to you to using our website will be terminated immediately.

You can link to the main page of the Saudi Home Loans’ website provided that you do so in a systematic and appropriate manner that does not harm anyone. You should not establish a link in a way that suggests that there is accreditation or approval by Saudi Home Loans whereas such accreditations of approvals are not existing in reality. You should not establish a link in our website which you do not possess except only after the written consent of Saudi Arabia Loans. You should also not involve the "Saudi Arabia Loans website" in any other website and you should not create any link in any part of our website other than the home page where we have the right to withdraw permission to link without notice.

The website you are connected to in all respects must comply with the content criteria specified in our Acceptable Usage Policy and in the event that you wish to use the content of our site beyond what is mentioned above, please contact the email:

When our website contains other links of other websites and resources provided by other parties, such links are provided to you for information only and we do not have command or control on the content of those websites or resources.


Compensation and Protection:

You agree to the protection of the Saudi Home Loans and its branches, officials, directors, owners, shareholders, clients, its information providers and copyright owners (“collectively referred hereto as “protected parties”) and for compensating them and ensuring their non-exposure to harm, and your acknowledge bearing of all filing of lawsuit, claims, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses (inclusive of law fees and judicial cost) of any party protected in respect of any claim ensuing from violation on your part in connection with these terms and condition.


The procedures that should be applied:

The application of provisions, terms and conditions, their subject matter and content shall be governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and shall supplement any deficiency therein.



"Saudi Home Loans Company" is the trademark name of the company and is registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



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